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Available Studies

Community Bible Study International is about training and equipping national leaders in their own countries, empowering them to reach their own countrymen and women. CBSI has materials translated into 38 languages. Currently the Singapore classes are conducted in English.

There are a variety of courses available ranging from six week to 30 week studies, covering books of the Bible from the Old Testament and New Testament. Please explore the studies we have to offer.

6-Week Studies

  • 1 John – How to have eternal life
  • 1 and 2 Thessalonians – Encouragement for new believers
  • Colossians – Paul’s description of Christ
  • Ephesians – The Church – the Body of Christ
  • Galatians – Complete Salvation
  • James – Faith and Works
  • Job – “I know that my Redeemer lives”
  • Philippians – Paul’s love letter

18-Week Studies

  • Hebrews – Jesus, the Christ is greater than any angel, priest or old covenant institution

12-Week Studies

  • 1 and 2 Peter – How to cope with suffering
  • Daniel – God’s sovereignty of history
  • Deuteronomy – the Second Law
  • Mark – Jesus’ universal call to discipleship

30-Week Studies

30 week studies are designed to cover a complete school year, allowing for school and public holidays.

  • Genesis – The beginning of it all
  • Pentateuch – The first five books of Moses
  • Servants of God – Old Testament history from Joshua to 2 Samuel
  • Divided Kingdom – Histories of Israel and Judah
  • Amos – Isaiah – Prophets to Israel and Judah
  • Gospel of Matthew – Jesus the King of the Jews
  • Gospel of Luke – Jesus the Son of Man
  • Gospel of John – Jesus the Son of God
  • Acts – History of the Early Church
  • Romans – God’s Righteousness and Ours
  • 1 and 2 Corinthians – A Divided Church
  • Revelations – The Apocolypse