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Core Values

CBSI trusts God and His Word to transform lives

We trust God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) to transform lives through the study of His Word. This is the surest way to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

CBSI is a ministry led by the Holy Spirit

We stress the importance of prayer and dependence upon God in every aspect of the ministry. This is God’s ministry and we seek to give Him all the glory.

CBSI strives to establish nationally led ministries

We place a major emphasis on the command of the Lord Jesus Christ to believers to make disciples in every tongue, tribe and nation. We recognize the importance of every culture, and choose to work alongside them to establish a national ministry that is self-determined, self-directed and self-funded. In so doing we encourage each autonomous nation, allied with CBSI, to participate in global outreach. The National Servants Team and National Board assume ownership and oversight of the CBSI program within their country.

CBSI is to be every person’s Bible study

Our Bible study program should be available to everyone, including Christians from all traditions. We seek appropriate methods and opportunities to make this become a reality. The aim of Community Bible Study International is to enable and encourage people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs to come together to study the Bible in a structured and supportive way. A place where they will discover the truth of the Bible and be challenged to apply it to their lives.

CBSI is a team ministry

Leadership is most effectively exercised in CBSI within a team relationship. We seek to establish servant teams at each level of leadership. Mentoring/Shepherding occurs at every level so that each individual feels connected and cared for and does not operate in isolation. Through an effective training program, each leader is trained for his or her role. We equip followers of Christ to become dynamic Christian leaders and active participants in the discipleship process of the Church. Leaders feel called by God to their roles and give of their time and talents out of love for Him.

CBSI is to serve the Body of Christ

We make every effort to stand in the center of the mainstream of historic Christianity. We concentrate on the essentials of the Christian faith, not individual church doctrine. As we learn to love and respect one another we recognize that followers of Christ can hold different views on matters that are not essential to salvation. We learn to “agree to disagree” and still love and care for each other as we grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. We respect and cooperate with local Christian leaders.