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Our 5 Step Method

1. Individual Study/Home Study Questions:

Class members answer the Home Study Questions from the lesson on their own with only the Bible as their resource. This is designed to be done on a daily basis, gaining personal insight into the week’s Bible passage.

2. Discussion Time/Group Sharing

Members gather together weekly where they share their answers in a Small Group led by a trained leader who facilitates the sharing so that everyone feels comfortable. The discussion time encourages learning from one another in an atmosphere where we are comfortable, confident in the Word, and cared for.

3. Lecture/Concise Teaching

After sharing, the class members receive a lecture on the passage by the class leader. Through illustration, the class leader gives overall passage insight and brings out the application.

4. Commentary

A printed commentary written by a Biblical scholar is then provided, which gives the class members further insight into the passage. The commentary is to be read after the discussion/group sharing time.

5. Shepherding/Loving Community

This is a cornerstone of Community Bible Study International. Each class member is lovingly cared for by the Small Group Leader and others in the class. “All men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.” John 13:35.